What is the Best Protein Powder For Lactose Intolerant People? – 2020 Reviews & Product Guide

Best Protein Powder For Lactose Intolerant People
What is the Best Protein Powder For Lactose Intolerant People? No doubt, whey, and casein are the most popular forms of protein powder. While they work perfectly well for athletes and other “busy bodies”, they can cause serious health problems for people who are lactose intolerant. If you fall into such category of people, then your choice of dairy products is zero limited. This is because when you’re lactose intolerant, your body will be deficient in the major digestive enzyme for lactose, which is lactase. Without this enzyme, your body can’t digest all the lactose sugar. As a result, you may want to avoid any product that contains lactose, especially whey protein and casein.

What Is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance refers to a condition that emanates from either low activity or the total absence of lactase. Lactase is an enzyme that facilitates milk sugar digestion.
While whey is a huge source of protein, it also contains a lot of lactose, which is not surprising, considering the fact that whey is sourced from milk. Even though your body can make use the essential amino acids in the product, the mere fact it also contains a lot of lactose makes it highly unsuitable if you’re lactose intolerant. This is because, on a closer look, it’s really more harm than good!
A lot of lactose in your bloodstream can result in stomach cramps or bloating which stem forth because of the inability of your body to properly digest the sugar. In some cases, it may even lead to acne which may take some effort to drive away.

Common Types Of proteins


Soy Protein – This refers to a type of protein which is derived from soybean and is basically manufactured from defatted and dehulled soybean.
Pea Protein – This kind of protein has a neutral taste and is normally added to dairy alternatives like yogurt and cheese. It is especially known for being rich in amino acids and comes from the Pisum sativum plant.
Hemp Protein – This type of protein is characterized by its high amino acid content, boasting a whopping 20 amino acids; 8 of which are the essential ones. It also lacks oligosaccharides, a notorious compound for causing gas.
Brown Rice Protein – This protein is, as the name suggests, derived from brown rice. Brown rice refers to a rice grain where the outer hull that’s often inedible removed. It is normally contrasted with white rice that has the hull as well as the cereal germ and the bran layer all removed.
Wheat Protein – This is the protein derived from wheat. It normally contains up to 80% of gluten and is therefore considered a lower-quality protein than the others highlighted here. However, its slow-digesting characteristic makes it ideal for weight loss and building muscle mass.
Beef Protein – This is the protein that is obtained from beef. It is characterized by its high content of amino acids that help with building muscle. Its low-calorie content is especially preferred by those with calorie issues, though experts advise more functional replacements for this protein because its source, beef, is associated with lots of cardiovascular conditions.
Egg Protein – Derived from eggs, this protein is lauded for its lactose-free characteristics. It is also ideal for promoting toned physique though supporting lean muscle.
 Best Protein Powder For Lactose Intolerant People
 Since you can’t tolerate dairy, the best option you have is to opt for dairy-free protein powders. It’s easy and better!
Luckily, there are many lactose-free protein powders on the counter that can help you meet your daily goals and live a healthy life.
With this in mind, here are the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.

14 Best Protein Powder For Lactose Intolerant People

1. Optimum Nutrition 100% Egg Protein


If you want a protein powder that is not only lactose-free but also has a nutritional profile that stands out, then the Optimum-100% Egg Protein powder should make a perfect choice. This Gold-standard quality-powder contains some really good ingredients that can contribute to your overall well-being.
Their mere fact that this powder is made from eggs should get you excited considering the fact they contain all the essential amino acids your muscle needs to recover. But that’s not even the real deal.
The highest perk of this product is that it is completely free from lactose which is no surprise considering the fact that eggs do not naturally contain the sugar. This makes Optimum-100% one of the best alternatives to milk-based products in the market for people with lactose sensitivity.
A serving boasts of at least 120 calories and 24grams of protein which is equivalent to a mixture of seven egg whites with very low cholesterol and zero saturated fat. This is, of course, perfect for any meal plan. The sugar content of this sugar is less than 1gram and it mixes perfectly with many food items. This is one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


Optimum Nutrition 100% Egg Protein
2. 100% Soy Protein – Vanilla Bean Optimum Nutrition


Another protein powder that serves as a better alternative to whey dairy products is the Optimum-100% Soy-Protein powder which is a whole protein vegetable source.
This product does not only contain all the essential amino acids that are needed for your muscle development and overall well-being. As a soy protein, this powder can also contribute to the health of your heart. While it doesn’t contain cholesterol, fat, as well as sugar, are still present, although in very small quantity. This formula is completely lactose-free and gives 120 calories with 25grams of soy protein per single serving which makes it blend into any diet plan. It is enriched with a lot of natural ingredients and contains very little additives which make it the best option for “zero diaries” people that have a craving for vegetable food sources. People with food disorders and those on a low carb diet can also benefit from this product. While it may not have the best taste, the vanilla flavor is wonderful and it absorbs pretty fast.
You don’t have to worry about the consequence of consuming too much of it because there are none. You can take it every day, preferably as a breakfast drink and you don’t have to worry about what it can go with because it mixes well. Just one scoop should be enough to meet the daily demands of your body.


100% Soy Protein - Vanilla Bean Optimum Nutrition
3. Healthy N’ Fit-100% Egg-Protein


Another terrific protein powder for lactose intolerant people is the Healthy N’ Fit-100% Egg-Protein.
This protein powder is produced solely from an egg, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. When you use it, you can rest assured that your body is getting a fair dose of the essential amino acids it needs. One of the perks of this powder is its great taste and natural essence. The great taste is made possible through the use of stevia extract, a natural sweetener which is many times sweeter than sugar. This powder doesn’t contain gluten or any artificial sweetener, which makes it a perfect fit for the vegan.
It mixes pretty well, so you don’t have to worry about getting bloated. The presence of egg white peptides is perhaps its greatest perks. No wonder it’s described by many as the best amino acid formula for lactose intolerant people.
Another good thing about this powder is that it’s suitable for everyone especially athletes and those who engage in a lot of physical activities. And you can mix it with other food items like pancakes, smoothies, oatmeal, and others.
It may also interest you to know that the powder doesn’t contain gelatin, carbs, cholesterol, salt additives, fat and some few other ingredients that can be harmful to your health. No artificial flavors or colors; everything is completely natural. This is another one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


 Healthy N’ Fit-100% Egg-Protein
4. GNC-Pro Performance-100% Egg-Protein


Many people already associate eating actual eggs as a way to satiate hunger whether they are scrambled, fried, boiled, or in some cases raw. Why should your protein powder be any different? This extremely easy-to-digest protein powder is made from 100% egg and comes in two flavors, vanilla & chocolate. A common misconception is that eggs are dairy because they are housed in markets with dairy products (cheese, milk, and butter) but this is not the case. Eggs are not dairy; therefore, the egg protein is dairy-free, perfect for lactose intolerant individuals.
The powder is rich in amino acids and low in cholesterol, a perfect combination for the body to build muscle. Protein synthesis needs to occur in the body which is responsible for growth, recovery, and maintenance of lean muscles. Amino acids are the part of the body in charge of protein synthesis.
This protein powder has all nine essential amino acids. One serving of the egg protein has the same equivalent of the protein found in four eggs. Simple to blend in a shaker bottle and it does not have any chalky remnants in the mouth while drinking or when done. It is very versatile and can be mixed with water, whole milk, skim milk, yogurt, smoothies, etc. The powder by itself has 120 calories, 4 g of carbohydrates, 10 mg of cholesterol, 20 mg calcium, 360 mg of potassium, 460 mg of sodium, and 1 g of sugar. GNC offers a great 30-day return policy. Items must be returned in original packaging, used or unused with 30 days of purchase to receive full refund minus S&H, gift wrap, or other charges.


5. Gary Nulls All Vegetable Protein


Gary Null is a well-respected manufacturer of health and wellness products. The founder is considered to be an internationally renowned and awarded expert in this field. This protein powder is soy based and fortified with branched chain amino acids. Being that it is comprised of all plant sources and absolutely no animal or dairy products, this makes Gary Null’s protein powder perfect for those individuals that do not tolerate dairy or choose to not partake in eating dairy for religious or personal reasons. It is so easily digestible that no one should have any trouble with this powder.
This delicious tasting French vanilla flavored powder has been strengthened with Methionine (great for enhancing the growth new blood) and Leucine (facilitates proteins biosynthesis), Valine, Lysine Amino Acids and Isoleucine (also for proteins biosynthesis). These building blocks help to supplement the most commonly missing amino acids in a vegetarian diet.
This mixes with juices or water. It is recommended to add fruits to lighten the taste. It is best when mixed with a blender but with rigorous shaking, one should be able to mix in a bottle or with a spoon in a glass. Adjust liquid base to preferences of thickness. The powder has a large assortment of vitamins it provides for such as vitamins A, B2, B12 and all other essential vitamins; as well as biotin, iron, and calcium. By itself, the powder has 120 calories, 0 g of cholesterol (great for those with concerns of cholesterol), 45 mg of sodium (one of the lowest available), 4 g of carbohydrates, and 4 g of sugar.


Gary Nulls All Vegetable Protein
6. Paleo Thin Protein Egg White Powder


USA Farms brings eggs to a whole new level with their soy-free egg white based protein powder For Lactose Intolerant People. Based off of only two ingredients this protein powder is just Sunflower Lecithin and egg white powder. Since the product is two simple ingredients, neither of which are derived from dairy or animal products, it makes for a powder that is so easily digestible that even the most sensitive of stomachs can handle this.
 It is important to pay attention that this is only egg whites and does not contain any of the egg yolks. Further, it is directly sourced from the highest grade of egg whites as well. A whopping 25 g of protein is in each scoop so not only is it easily digestible it is perfect for satisfying hunger.
This particular protein powder is completely flavor free so that makes it a great addition to everything from your morning coffee or milk to be added to a smoothie for a lunchtime treat. To keep the protein powder GMO free, it is recommended to be added only to water.
 The powder by itself features only 108 calories (one of the lowest number of calories in a protein powder), 0 g of cholesterol (great for those with low-cholesterol needs), 381 mg of sodium, 1 g of carbohydrates, 2% of your daily calcium intake, and 1 g of sugar. The label lists it as providing all of the essential amino acids which are vital for so many functions of the body and the building blocks of protein. Everything from repairing bodily tissues to breaking down food is derived from amino acids.


Paleo Thin Protein Egg White Powder
7. Pea Protein Isolate Vegan, Non-G.M.O, Lactose, Soy, & Gluten-Free


North American Farms proudly manufacturers this vegan, vegetarian, plant-based protein powder by using land-friendly farming practices. This one-ingredient powder is made of simply yellow pea protein made from yellow peas grown exclusively in the United States and Canada. With no harmful additives and not being derived from dairy or animal sources, this protein powder is perfect for those individuals suffering from lactose intolerances. It is absolutely easy to digest and will not cause any upset stomachs like powders that are lined with other ingredients from dairy.
Moreover, the product does not contain any sweeteners, flavors, artificial colors, and is GMO-free, soy as well as gluten-free. The powder contains all nine essential amino acids for a complete profile makeup. That essential amino is the building blocks of the human body and these nine, in particular, are the ones the body does not produce so they have to come from foods.
 North American Farms brings this to consumers with their unique processing via mechanical water-extraction sans chemicals. It mixes very easily in a shaker bottle or blender and does not have an aftertaste or chalky residue. It is good to mix with milk, fruits, water, juices, and smoothies. The powder alone has 120 calories, 0 g of cholesterol (perfect for those low-cholesterol diets), 2 g of carbohydrates, 100 mg of potassium, 95 mg of calcium, and 2 g of sugar. This powder packs a powerful punch of 27 g of protein. This is one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


Pea Protein Isolate Vegan,
8. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 Protein Supplement


Manitoba-Harvest Hemp-foods brings a great product to the forefront with its protein supplement. Raw cold-milled hemp protein is the one simple ingredient in the powder. This will make digestion, especially for those that are lactose intolerant so easy. A bragging right of this protein powder is it incorporates fiber into the powder to help with digestion and other bodily processes. To be exact, it boasts 7 g of fiber and 15 g of plant-based protein.
 Aiding in digestion and muscles or weight-loss this powder is very versatile, even for how it is consumed. It can be stirred easily into yogurt, baked goods, hot cereals, and even water for quickly mixing when on the go. The product includes all nine essential amino acids to help support so many bodily functions that the body cannot get unless supplemented with food that have the aminos. Having only 120 calories this protein powder seems right in line with many other plant-based protein powders on the market.
 It also states having 0 mg of cholesterol which is great for those with high-cholesterol, 8 g of carbohydrates, 6% of daily calcium intake 0 mg of sodium, and 1 g of sugar. One important fact to note, some might associate it being processed from hemp as the same thing as marijuana and will alter one’s state of mind. This is not true when consuming this powder made from hemp. This product is safe for pregnant women and even children. It will not cause a consumer to test positive on a drug test for work.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 Protein Supplement

9. Naturade Total Soy Weight Loss Shake

This vegan-friendly soy powder caters to users looking to reduce cholesterol or lose weight. Where most protein powders cater to hard-core athletes looking to gain the most out of their workouts, Naturade takes a softer approach, speaking to the needs of everyday individuals with slower lifestyles and less physical activity than the average protein powder user. Users looking for a protein-packed meal replacement should try Naturade Total-Soy.

 Two scoops of this powder provide individuals with 13 grams of protein and taste great when mixed with your choice of beverage. Many add the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cream powders to water, while others mix it with their favorite milk-substitute, describing the Chocolate flavor to produce a beverage that tastes just like chocolate milk.
The powder is best for fast weight loss. When mixed with a milk-substitute, ice, fruit and other flavorings such as peanut butter, it can replace a full breakfast, with customers reporting subdued hunger that lasted 5-7 hours and impressive weight loss. This protein powder, tastes good, provides the nutritional value some may be lacking, can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol. This is one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


Naturade Total Soy Weight Loss Shake
10. Biochem 100% Berries and Whey Powder “Berry Flavor”


Biochem 100% is a trusted brand, leading the whey protein \ industry for over 15 years. Like Naturade Total-Soy, their Berries & Whey caters to everyday individuals looking for more protein in their diet without compromising taste. Berries & Whey is gluten-free, 99% lactose-free and soy free, relying on whey as its source of protein. On top of the added protein, customers will get, the berries provide extra antioxidants with the acai berries also adding amino acids to your diet.
This product is made in the USA, with ingredients sourced in the USA, from grass-fed cows and non-genetically modified ingredients. Many health risks have been linked to the consumption of GMOs, such as weight gain, infertility, immune problems, organ disruption among the environmental dangers genetic modification pose.
Furthermore, Biochem-100%’s unique microfiltration system provides pure whey protein isolate, in a protein powder that tastes great. Its flavor has been likened by users to strawberry milk. The powder mixes easily and completely dissolves. Two scoops in water or your choice of beverage provides 20 grams of protein for just 110 calories, 0 grams of fat and no artificial sweeteners. Much like Naturade Total Soy, this powder can be blended with ice, fruits, and other flavorings to replace a meal on the go!


Biochem 100% Berries and Whey Powder
11. Muscle Meds Carnivor


Among the multiple factors that set Muscle-Meds Performance-Technologies’ Carnivor apart from the rest, the 5+ flavors it comes in such as chocolate (a fan favorite), fruit punch, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla caramel and strawberries will definitely satisfy any cravings you may have! Unlike the protein powders previously mentioned, Carnivor caters solely to bodybuilders and strength athletes. Users will experience less muscle fatigue with this protein powder. Don’t let the uniqueness of this beef protein powder deter you, it digests easily and its taste is comparable to other protein powders.
 Muscle Meds has become the first choice for strength athletes and bodybuilders, the average user gaining 7.7 pounds of muscle. Since 2013, the powder has provided the market with a unique approach to the source of the protein – beef. Carnivor is made of bioengineered beef protein isolate. Body-builders know the best source of protein when training is beef, so Muscle-Meds made a powder that is more than 3 times more concentrated in muscle building aminos that steak itself. Unlike steak, however, it contains no fat or cholesterol. A 35g serving comes with 23 grams of protein, with no fat, no cholesterol, and no sugar! Additionally, Carnivor is more concentrated than whey.
Muscle Meds Carnivor


12. Dymatize ISO100


For strength athletes looking for a lactose-free protein supplement that uses whey, Dymatize’s ISO100 is your best bet. This fast-absorbing whey protein isolate is great for muscle growth and recovery. What sets this supplement apart from the rest is the flavor selection. Where many users report either frustration in the monotony of drinking no more than 3 flavors of their protein powder of choice, Dymatize ISO100 brings excitement to the market with twelve flavors! With choices like chocolate peanut butter, birthday cake, peanut butter, cookies & cream, cinnamon bun, fudge brownie, gourmet vanilla, gourmet chocolate, orange creamsicle, smooth banana, rocky road, and strawberry, you’ll never get bored!
This variety of flavors allows for a wider array of beverage mixing – Orange Dreamsicle with orange juice is popular among ISO100 customers. With other flavor limitations like vanilla or chocolate, orange juice wouldn’t even be considered as a beverage which makes this supplement special. Two other flavors, Natural Vanilla as well as Natural Chocolate are available with stevia as an alternative sweetener. Furthermore, users report no unpleasant aftertastes and report that the powder mixes smoothly.
Protein-wise, ISO100 packs an impressive 25 grams per serving. Dymatize’s purification process keeps the necessary muscle building protein while expelling unnecessary carbohydrates, fats, and cholesterol. This is one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


Dymatize ISO100
13. MRM All Natural Egg White Protein


Through their use of egg whites as the source of protein, MRM has created a protein powder that caters to customers turning away from whey. Many have an intolerance to both lactose and whey, making a source of protein difficult to find, but this product provides a solution. The powder mixes very well, and when mixed traditionally with water tastes amazing. This dairy-free, gluten, and cholesterol-free mix comes in two flavors, Chocolate & Rich Vanilla and is great for all ages and all levels of activity, suiting all lifestyles.
Biologically, the essential amino acids that naturally occur in egg whites provide users with non-artificial protein. This protein powder can be mixed with water or any milk substitute. When adding ice, it makes a great milkshake. Nutritionally, this protein powder contains zero sugar through their use of stevia as a sweetener, , zero cholesterol, zero fat and zero carbohydrates for just 100 calories. Per scoop, it gives users 23 grams of protein. The powder is a great alternative for those who find whey protein upsets their stomach.


MRM All Natural Egg White Protein
14. Best Tasting Protein Shake for Women – Delicious Smoothie


This product stands out, thanks to its taste. The yogurt-like flavors such as Orange Berry are made with 100% whey protein isolate, providing athletes with the extra protein they need to reach a positive nutritional balance. This protein smoothie meets the recommended daily dose of 1.5-2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight.
Of the premixed protein drinks on the market, this one ranks with the best in taste, nutritional value, and price. It is lactose and aspartame free and designed for both weight loss as well as muscle gain and muscle recovery. This whey-free smoothie is perfect for these individuals who react poorly to whey, and are looking for an alternative.
It does not contain any impurities in the protein, leaving protein that is absorbed quickly, providing tired muscles with relief almost immediately. The smoothie provides 12 grams of protein with no fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of sugar, and 90 calories for the bottle. Customers will find this to be among the best-premixed protein drinks they’ve come across. This is one of the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people.


 Best Tasting Protein Shake for Women - Delicious Smoothie


There you have it- the best protein powder for lactose intolerant people. The mere fact that you can’t take lactose doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of enough protein. Start with any of these powders and you will be amazed at how it will supply your daily needs.
Don’t be afraid to completely integrate them into your diet, because that’s the only way you can get the most from them. Your digestive system doesn’t have to be unhappy. Now you know the best; it’s up to you to make the move!

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