When your family may need physiotherapist?


Physiotherapy is a medical treatment process which helps to treat people of all ages who have medical conditions such as injury, postural defects, and Joint pain etc. by physical therapy. A physiotherapist will help you to overcome the problems encourage activities and lifestyle changes that help prevent further injury by implementing customizing physical therapies. S/he may work on improving your skills such as sitting, standing, as well as improving flexibility, strength, and endurance.

A physiotherapist isn’t reserved for the treatment of injuries caused due to accidents or recovering after any major surgery. In fact, it can also be used to treat the most common problems. They help to raise awareness of some symptoms and conditions that can affect you in the future. It is essential to see a physiotherapist for your family because in our family we have members who fall under different age groups. Hence, a Physiotherapist will work with our parents and child on the stretching and positioning exercises. It is equally useful for both parents, child, and seniors as well.

Let’s take a closer look into what a physiotherapist can offer to you and your family.




What services does a physiotherapist provide?

The role of a physiotherapist is very crucial for our family. S/he may not only assess the physical condition of a patient but also diagnose problems and implement the customized treatment plans. They help the patients by performing alternative methods that could be re-training patients walk, or support the person to cope with crutches, walking frames, or wheelchairs. They were also responsible for providing education and knowledge to our patients and family members to ensure a healthy lifestyle and prevent joints and bone injuries.

Doctors often recommend physical therapy to parents for their kids and teens to improve their postures and moment problems from an illness, disease or disability.

Physical therapists might guide your family through:

  • Developmental activities to kids and elders.
  • Balance and synchronization activities in youngsters and seniors
  • Improving circulation around injuries by using heat, cold, exercise, electrical stimulation, massage, and ultrasound
  • Implement training to build strength around injuries, joints, and muscles.
  • Incorporate flexibility exercises to increase motion.
  • Education on how to avoid the risk of injuries
  • Organize basic safety and prevention programs for all the members of the family.
  • Providing community fitness programs

5 Important and Common Reasons to See a Physiotherapist:

1. Improving Body Posture:

Postural defaults have now become a widespread problem in infants and kids. This is one of the primary reasons why you would need to hire a physiotherapist. Wrong or incorrect body postures can lead to severe injuries, nagging pain and other health problems.

Generally, we never take care of our postures, but after an injury or fracture, neck, and legs start to appear, then your posture may be one factor. In seniors, the postural defect can make you more unfit and can lead to continuous pain if it’s not treated timely.

A physiotherapist can help you to develop a better awareness of your position and develop specific exercises to strengthen the postural muscles and joints so that you can avoid those nagging postural pains.

2. Healing after Surgical Procedure:

Most people are still unaware of the services a physiotherapist provide is essential for healing from complicated surgeries. As a result, they may face such complication including joint pain, or problem in during sitting and standing, incorrect postures, weight gain etc.

After surgeries, our body became weak and lost physical fitness which makes much harder to return to our normal activities. A physiotherapist can help you strengthen your muscles and joints by incorporating the post-surgical rehab program into your daily life.

3. Recover from Joint Replacements:

We can’t forget this when we are discussing the reasons to see a physiotherapist. Doctors also recommend you to visit Physiotherapist after Knee or hip replacement because of a physio work with the patients on a regular basis who have gone through any joint replacement surgery.

Some physiotherapist offer pre and post- habilitation methods which are a long exercising process before and after any joint replacement surgery.

It helps to recover from your surgery quicker than excepted time without any pain. You should definitely see a physiotherapist if you have a hip or knee surgery scheduled or are considering it.

4. Prevention of Injuries:

If you’re are an athlete or a fitness freak then you have a solid reason to see a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist specializes in injury prevention which is the crucial process of adjusting posture and improving movement patterns that help reduce your risk of undergoing an injury or re-injury while doing physical activities.

So if you are prone to injuries, it may be wise to seek out a physiotherapist to reduce the risk of injury as soon as possible.

5. Post-Partum Exercise:

A physiotherapist also helps females who are excepting a baby or gone through a stressful pain during delivery. After pregnancy, the female body is subjected to many bodily changes which can cause many other issues such as joint pain, rapidly increasing in weight, weak bones and muscles so, for this reason seeing a physiologist can help to strengthen the stretched muscles and joints weakened during pregnancy.

They can also help guide you on a plan to safely increase your activity level and help lose that extra baby weight as well.

You can also practice primary physiotherapist process from Townsville & Suburban Medical Practice who offers you pain education, massage, manipulation and exercises to help support you and your family treat damage body part better and prevent the injury from happening again.