What are the benefits of riding a motorcycle?

benefits of riding a motorcycle

7 health Benefits related to motorcycle riding, It’s more than just fun!!

Bike riders like you are very well aware of the feeling when you lean your body on its attractive curves and softly throttle out. With that, you get a sense of freedom and you ride like a free bird!!! Off course you are very well aware that motorcycle riding is simply not a means of transportation but it is also fun. What about its health benefits?? Yes, motorcycle riding is healthy too.

Let’s find out how?

Benefit 1: A good Cardio workout

Riding a bike is actually an excellent cardio workout where you burn at least 400 calories in an hour. Moreover, it also increases the strength of the hip and leg region. Wanna do a workout that is gentle on your lower back, knee, and ankle? Then motorcycle riding is a great choice. What’s more, there is no need to spend huge bucks on buying expensive workout equipment. Your bike is enough in this case.

In fact, Mountain biking provides a total workout to your body as you navigate through hills and plain roads. But if you want more of a lower-body cardio workout then bike riding on the road in the best for you. There may be times when the weather is harsh enough for a bike ride. In that case, opt for an indoor workout on a stationary bike.

Benefit 2: Increased core strength

Motorcycle ride involves a lot of muscle work followed by the use of your core especially in case of low-speed maneuvers. Hence your core will get stronger in case you have been riding for a while.

Benefit 3: Strengthened neck muscles

Bike riding such as dr650 strengthens your neck muscles if the bike is adjusted so as to be a complete fit for you. If you keep a good posture while riding then you are sure to reduce back pains.

Benefit 4: Decrease in mental issues

Planning to go for a long drive on your motorcycle with your girlfriend? Off course you will get many perks but it will keep you mentally fit as well. Motorcycle riding with or without your girlfriend not only makes you feel refreshed but also help in forgetting the everyday issues that drain you mentally. This is on account of the release of endorphins that trigger positive feelings.

Benefit 5: Makes your brain powerful

You may wonder how riding a Suzuki dr650 increases your brain power. This is as bike riding requires you to do a lot of physical and mental work. You need a lot more concentration than while driving a car. Hence there is an activation of prefrontal areas of the brain which leads to a high cognitive function which then increases your alertness. Refer to this study by Yamaha motor corp for more details.


Benefit 6: Helps to enter in a Zen mode

Motorcycling riding often involves constant monitoring of speed, roads, posture and road hazards. This makes you enter into a meditative mode thereby removing unnecessary clutter from your mind. Of course, this mindfulness does not go as soon as you stop riding but stays with you for a little more time.

Benefit 7: Better control of yourself

Freedom!!! Yes, the simple act of bike riding and twisting the throttle of your bike gives you a sense of independence. While on a bike it’s just your head inside the helmet. You are in better control of yourself and away from the anxiety of deadline pressure, meeting with a girlfriend or even a health issue that has been bothering you since long. When this happens, you interact better with the near and dear ones around you. This leads to one more benefit: improved relations!!!!

Final words

To sum up, those who ride a motorcycle for the love of riding are sure to be mentally fit. And it is well known that a healthy mind is important for a healthy body. It’s time to combine your gym accessories with motorbike riding to attain more benefits. So what are you waiting for?? Get hold of your motorcycle and enjoy your ride. Don’t have one? You always have an option to rent it!!!