How to Fix a Jammed Finger?

Jammed Finger


A jammed finger could be thought of as a sprain around the joint. The problem may arise due to a force that’s applied around the area. The finger may get affected when a ball accidentally smashes the hand while someone is playing football or rugby. The individual might meet with the accident when the finger gets stuck in the drawer.

If you are wondering what actually happens, then the injury can cause damage to the connective tissue or a bone fracture. Even though the finger isn’t damaged, the condition may lead to inflammation or be much more painful.

In case the injury is severe, then you need to speak with the doctor and seek help. But, on the whole, you might not be able to figure out whether the injury is mild or severe.

Symptoms of Jammed Finger

There’s a lot of difference between a jammed finger and fractured finger. While the individual may experience pain due to a jammed finger, the person is unable to bend the finger if it’s fractured. Moreover, in the latter case, the swelling may persist for hours or even days.

Jammed Finger

Jammed Finger

Fractured Finger

Fractured Finger

Causes of Jammed Finger

Whenever the finger is smashed, the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint that’s present in the middle absorbs the force and the ligament gets stretched.

As mentioned earlier, the finger may get jammed when you try catching the ball. Besides, the injury may occur while closing the door or when you are tucking bed sheets below the bed.

At a later stage, a jammed finger may cause joint deformity, inability to straighten the finger, and weakness around the area.

If the pain doesn’t vanish, then you need to contact the doctor. The medical practitioner may take an X-ray to check the fracture or any other damage. For assessing the injury ahead, he may also need to go through the results of a CT / MRI scan.

How To Treat A Jammed Finger At Home?

If the prime cause of the condition is a sport, then you need to avoid playing outdoors. You may also have to keep yourself away from tasks that involve using your hands and fingers. In general, you need to take rest for some time and be patient before your resume tasks.


Apply ice in case the pain around the area is unbearable. A cold compress not only reduces swelling but also enhances the blood circulation. Instead of applying ice cubes directly, you can think about gel packs or frozen vegetables wrapped in a piece of cloth.


Regardless of what you think, you should apply ice after every one hour for ten to fifteen minutes. Try following the remedy until the pain subsides.

While you are applying ice, make sure that you have kept the hand on some pillows. This would enhance the healing process and combat the effect due to gravity.

In order to reduce the inflammation, it’s always a good idea to take pain relievers for a short time span. Think about medicines like aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen. In case you are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, then you should take them on an empty stomach. If you fail to do so, then you would certainly be prone to stomach irritation or ulcers.

Jammed Finger Aspirin

NOTE: Aspirin can only be given to children who are not more than 18 years of age. On the other hand, it’s risky to give ibuprofen to infants below six months.

As an alternative, you can consider applying a cream or a gel to the jammed finger joint. Once the skin absorbs the gel, the person would gain instant relief. The risks of stomach problems would also be reduced because the individual doesn’t have to rely on medicines.

When the jammed finger is getting healed, you can wrap the area using a buddy tape. But, while you cover the area, you shouldn’t paste the tape firmly. This might cause additional swelling and prevent blood flow in the veins.

If a medical grade tape is not available in the market, then you could go for a self-adherent tape or a small Velcro tape.

Moving ahead, an injection of a steroid can help for faster recovery and reduce inflammation at the same time. The steroids include Dexamethasone, Triamcinolone, and Prednisolone. But, it’s better to check the level of steroid because it may cause local muscle atrophy, infection, or damage around the tendons. You may have to go through a minor surgery if the finger is broken or is not getting healed in the usual way.

According to Ayur Health Tips, several exercises like wrist maneuver, finger stretching, and finger resistance are also very helpful to treat jammed finger.

Apart from contacting the physician, you can also visit a chiropractor’s clinic. As the finger is examined, the specialist would be able to tell whether the bone has been dislocated. He may also prescribe medicines which you should take regularly.