What Is The Best Zinc Supplement? – 2020 Reviews & Product Guide

best zinc supplement

What Is Zinc?

Today I will discuss what is the best zinc supplement? But firstly, we want to know what is zinc? Zinc is one of the essential minerals needed by our bodies. Normally, we need zinc in our diets but only in a very small amount per day, when compared to other elements. Zinc helps our bodies grow and renew the damaged tissues.It is also considered one of the most important elements when it comes to hormonal regulation, not to mention its crucial role in immunity and metabolism.
Zinc is known for its anti-inflammatory effect so it is always described in cases of congestion alongside the main drug. So considering all these benefits any decrease in zinc levels could cause very dangerous complications.

Who Needs Zinc Supplements?

Zinc deficiency in humans is caused by reduced zinc intake from diet, increased excretion, insufficient absorption, or increased zinc utilization. When there is not enough zinc in circulation, the body will not be able to make new cells nor will it be able to repair the damaged ones. That will certainly lead to a big retardation in growth, and as a result, the zinc-deficient patient will show many symptoms. The first symptom and the most abundant one is the sudden decrease in body weight. Skin disorders may also be found in zinc deficiency cases.
Scientists assert that zinc is one of the most needed minerals for the pituitary hormone, which regulates most of the hormones produced by the body. So when someone is zinc-deficient they may notice that their appetite is relatively decreased and may feel some laziness. The worst thing about zinc deficiency is when it happens during pregnancy, the fetus will not get the amount of zinc needed for development.
Zinc-containing foods like turkey meat, eggs, and seafood are used to balance zinc deficiency, but since zinc is weakly absorbed and transported into the bloodstream, the small amounts of zinc in these foods are not enough to treat zinc deficiency. So best zinc supplement are most likely described for zinc deficient people.

What Zinc Supplements Do?

To be accurate, zinc supplements are not just used for zinc deficiency treatment but could be used for prevention as well. Given their anti-inflammatory effect, zinc supplements can help reduce common cold symptoms and pain, as the ionic form of zinc is believed to fight that type of bacteria which causes mucus accumulation and excessive nasal discharges.
Many scientists also suggest that zinc supplements might be of great benefit in fighting cancer as zinc acts as a strong antioxidant. Moreover, zinc, as mentioned before, is important for hormonal balance especially sex hormones, so it increases fertility for males and females. That also includes Insulin which regulates blood sugar levels, so zinc supplements are useful in diabetes cases.Many organs are also affected including the skin, so when zinc levels are back to normal eczema or other skin disorders caused by zinc deficiency begin to heal. Lining cells of blood vessels, just like other cells, need zinc to repair and maintain a healthy state, and consequently, zinc supplements are important for a healthy heart. Even for bodybuilders, zinc is essential for muscle growth and repair. In general, all these factors work together to keep a good body condition.
best zinc supplements

How Do You Choose The Best Zinc Supplement?

1- Zinc form: Zinc could be found in many forms, such as zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and zinc sulfate. Note that zinc sulfate and zinc oxide are the most popular types of sold supplements, but they are not entirely the best, as most of the dose is rapidly excreted. In other words, it doesn’t stay enough time to be utilized or absorbed by cells.
Another known form of zinc is chelated zinc. However, it is not completely utilized by the body. Specifically, zinc gluconate and zinc citrate are good forms of chelated zinc. Zinc orotate is also one of the chelated forms of zinc which are better absorbed and used by the body. Many manufacturers do not give users full information about the product and zinc form, so make sure you are aware of the product you buy.
2- The manufacturing company: Choose this one carefully as many companies don’t produce a great product as they claim, pick a big known company with good reviews and nice reputation.
3- Zinc concentration: Based on your zinc levels in bloodstream take a suitable dose that fills the gap. On the other hand, the taken dose must not be too much as excessive zinc levels cause many problems like nausea and vomiting, immunity impairment etc.
4- Drug interaction: Make sure that the used supplement does not contain any compound that interferes with a drug you take. This is an extremely important point to stay safe and consult your doctor about this.
5- Synthesis: An important thing to consider is what kind of supplement you need. Is it natural or lab synthesized? Scientists recommend a supplement of a natural source. Natural supplements are just a concentrated form of zinc-containing foods so they are perfectly safe. Zinc supplements could be described for infants and adults. When used in typical doses they give the best results so stay safe and choose your suitable supplement carefully.

Our Picks For The Best Zinc Supplement

1. Designs For Health Zinc Challenge

The supplement creators at Designs for Health have created the best zinc supplement suited just for you. It is in the top ten list of zinc supplements of 2018 thus far. This product is in liquid form. The serving size for daily intake is 8mg. It is $0.75 per serving making it a very fair cost. Zinc Challenge is made with all-natural ingredients. The taste gets a five-star rating from our customers. This product is easy to use because it is in liquid form. Some of our customers have issues with ingesting a zinc product that is encapsulated.
Zinc Challenge was created to help promote the immune system. It is a plus that this product tastes good, so our customers are more likely to take it daily. Being easy to take is also significant to our customers. This product is rare because it is in liquid form, but this mineral is so significant to daily intake why not make it taste good and be easy to take? If you want to add a zinc supplement to your regiment, then this supplement is the best zinc supplement for you.
Designs For Health Zinc Challenge
2. New Chapter Zinc Supplement


New Chapter has created a new zinc supplement to add to your intake regiment. The Zinc-Food Complex is in pill form. Each pill is 30MG not surpassing the maximum amount of zinc you should be taking daily. The daily serving size is 1 pill. The price for each pill is $1.17 per pill. This supplement has five stars for taste. Taste makes it easier to take a zinc supplement. The supplement also has a five-star rating for ease of use. Ease of use means that this supplement is easy to take by simply swallowing the capsule. The one downside to this product is that it does take a while to dissolve after taking it.
Scientific tests have been done to prove that this supplement may lack in effectiveness due to the fact that dissolving time takes so long. Because it takes so long to dissolve, this might give you anything but a good experience with this zinc supplement. It is important to add zinc to your supplement regiment, but there are other products out there that are effective and do not take as long to dissolve. Digestibility and results both rate at 2.5 stars. Although the product does taste good and is easy to use does not mean that it will give you the results you are looking for from a zinc tablet.
New Chapter Zinc Supplement
3. Nature’s Bounty Chelated Zinc


Nature’s Bounty has created a zinc product that comes in 50mg caplets. This dosage surpasses the maximum amount of intake allowed of zinc in a single day. While it comes in at five stars with taste and ease of use, it does not seem to be effective. These zinc caplets are not digested with ease in the body. In fact, even though the milligrams are so high you will end up taking more caplets to even replenish the zinc levels in your body.
Coming in at $.05 per tablet the price may be appealing, but that does not overshadow the fact that these zinc pills are not effective. If plan on using a zinc supplement to promote immune system capabilities there are other supplements out there that will digest easily and not require you to take a ton of zinc just to get the desired results. The ingredients and the quality of them also rank low. Coming in at 2.5 stars the ingredients and quality are not up to par with what you would expect from a zinc supplement. Zinc is important and you do not produce enough daily. This product doesn’t help replenish the zinc in your body making it virtually useless.
Nature’s Bounty Chelated Zinc
4. Nature Made Zinc


Nature Made is a brand you are familiar with seeing in many grocery stores. They have created the best zinc supplement that is a 30g pill and serving size. The price is $.06 a pill. Unfortunately, this is another low rated zinc capsule that does not deliver on the replenishment of zinc to the body. The ratings come in low when it comes to effectiveness and quality. 2.5-star ratings are very common with this product. Taste and the easy to use qualities come in at 5 stars, and that is because this product is in a capsule.
Capsulated zinc doesn’t have a taste and is easy to swallow. This pill does not absorb into the body like it should. Because it does not absorb like it should it makes the product useless in the adding of zinc to the body. Because zinc is a mineral that we need a supplement should be able to deliver that to you adequately, but this supplement does not. There are other zinc pills and liquids available to you that will work like they should. This is another product where you would have to take more than the suggested serving size just to see results. Nature’s Made Zinc did not deliver with this capsule.
Nature Made Zinc
5. Country Life Zinc Picolinate


Country Life is back at it again with a new quality zinc product. Zinc Picolinate is a daily zinc supplement. The dosage is 25 mg per one capsule the serving size is one pill. Coming in at .06 per serving this product is inexpensive and helps boost your immune system. The body does not produce enough zinc daily, so a supplement is a perfect thing to add to your supplement regiment. This product has an overall average rating of 4 stars.
Most importantly, it has 5 stars when it comes to effectiveness. Meaning that this product will do exactly what it claims to do, and that is boosting your immune system. This zinc product is made with all-natural ingredients making it available to use for anyone. While it is easy to take because it is encapsulated this zinc product doesn’t claim to do a lot, but it will help promote immune system help and give you your daily dosage of zinc without surpassing what is recommended.
6. Vital Nutrients Zinc (Citrate)


Vital Nutrients has produced a top-notch zinc supplement just for you. The supplement has five stars for all of the important factors that come with a zinc supplement. The serving size for this supplement is 1 capsule that is 30mg. Pills in this bottle are $0.17. The taste makes it easy to take. And the digestibility of this one is 5 stars as well. Vital Nutrients hit a home run when they created this zinc supplement. Also, this capsule includes citrate which is also important to help promote important bodily functions.
Customers are happy with this zinc supplement because it delivers on providing the proper amount of zinc to the body. The supplement needs to be added to your medicine cabinet immediately. Your regiment is not full until you have taken a zinc product that has been perfected by Vital Nutrients. Zinc is a vital nutrient and this company knows that. They have made this capsule easy to digest and taste free making it the perfect zinc supplement for you. The price is even just as attractive as the ratings by our happy customers. It is one of the best zinc supplement.
Vital Nutrients Zinc
7. Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30


30 mg of Zinc (in the form of zinc picolinate) can be found in one serving of Pure-Encapsulations Zinc-30. Exceeding the recommended dietary-allowance, it still is far from the daily 40 mg upper limit. If you have issues with any kind of allergies, this product is safe for you as it is hypo-allergenic.
The supplement is carefully-manufactured from high-quality raw ingredients coming from trusted suppliers that have to pass first of all the quality criteria, then the several testings. All products are tested for purity before leaving the factory and they are safe for vegetarians too. The supplement is free of artificial additives and environmental contaminants and is appreciated for the ease of digestibility and large and attractive packaging. All these make the supplement one among the top products available on the market.
Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30
8. Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate


Thorne Research chose to supply zinc that has been gone through a chelation process: zinc picolinate. This means that in a chelated state, a mineral is connected with amino acid molecules, making it more available for your body and easier to absorb.
This zinc supplement supplies your body with 15 milligrams of zinc, and this means 100% of the recommended daily intake. If you’re looking for a top quality zinc supplement that is prepared with care, then this is your go-to supplement.
Thorne Research - Zinc Picolinate
9. Source Naturals OptiZinc


An effective dose of 30 mg of Zinc (in its monomethionine form) is available in each Source-Naturals OptiZinc tablet. In the most bioavailable form of zinc, it covers 200% of the daily-recommended value and bonus, you also get 15% of the daily value for other essential minerals such as copper, because the supplements contain copper too (300mcg in each tablet).
Notice that the daily upper limit for Zinc is 40 mg and if sustained over-ingestion happens the result is that you might suffer abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea or cramping. A pill per day is more than enough! The good part is that Source-Naturals OptiZinc also contains methionine that will come in handy for your liver. It’s good to know that this product is manufactured without any yeast, allergens, artificial color or flavor, fragrances, and preservatives.
Source Naturals OptiZinc
10. Solgar – Chelated Zinc


Another chelated form of zinc (zinc glycinate this time) is available on the supplements’ market from the Solgar manufacturer. It is easy to absorb, with a neutral to slightly sweet taste. The supplement comes in a glass bottle, covered by a metal lid, so well done, Solgar by avoiding plastics in your products’ packaging! When compared to simple formulations of Zinc, Solgar is way superior and this thanks to super-bioavailability proven in usage (Solgar’s zinc chelated form is patented).
Solgar – Chelated Zinc
11. Life Extension Zinc Caps


Life-Extension Zinc-Caps tablets contain zinc monomethionine, a specific form of Zinc that supports the immune system and also aids in antioxidant responses and inflammatory occurrences. 30 mg of Zinc is more than enough for a tablet and they still don’t cross the daily upper limit’s value for Zinc, which is 40 mg.
Life-Extension Zinc-Caps has one of the most efficient bio-availabilities when compared to many other supplements on the market. The other ingredients that can be found in these tablets are rice flour, vegetable stearate, and vegetable cellulose. With many appreciations from a lot of fans, this product has 5 of 5 ratings both for effectiveness and quality.
Life Extension Zinc Caps
12. Mega Food Zinc


Non-GMO and perfect for vegetarians too, the Mega-Food Zinc supplement offers your body 22.5 mg of Zinc in a serving. The interesting fact about these tablets is that the Zinc source is vegetable and them with 7.5 mg more than the daily-recommended dietary-allowance. Mega Food’s mission of providing organic sourced supplements is realized by working with sustainable farmers, and the supplements they manufacture feed both the body and the mind and fuel you with energy. It’s important to know that this product should be kept out of children’s reach. This product has the following ingredients: zinc, beetroot, parsley, spinach, broccoli (all these vegetables come from organic sustainable sources), plant cellulose, brown rice. It is one of the best zinc supplement.
Mega Food Zinc
13. GNC Zinc


G.N.C Zinc supplement is yet another successful product the GNC Company has launched on the market. GNC zinc comes both in 50 mg and 30 mg versions and contains zinc gluconate, an easily absorbable form of Zinc, for high efficiency and maximum results. With many positive reviews regarding taste and shape of a tablet, the ease of digestibility and the minimalist and clean packaging design make GNC Zinc one of the best sellers on the supplements market.
GNC Zinc
14. Solaray Zinc


The Solaray Zinc supplement comes in 100 vegetarian capsules and contains both zinc and copper. Copper ingestion is recommended to be associated with zinc ingestion and top quality products always offer them in such combinations, such as Solaray Zinc. This innovative zinc supplement also contains iodine (essential for thyroid gland’s functioning; extracted from kelp-vegetal source).
Other ingredients of Solaray Zinc supplement are whole rice concentrate, silica, magnesium stearate, pumpkin seed, and vegetable cellulose. The combination of zic and copper is excellent for antioxidant enzymes, like superoxide dismutase and a proper daily copper ratio will ensure cholesterol and lipoprotein levels. Solaray Zinc provides both minerals in optimal dosage for excellent results.
Solaray Zinc
15. Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance


Jarrow, the well-known supplement’s producer offers a great Zinc-copper combination supplement, with 15 mg Zinc (100% of the Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance) and 1 mg Copper (in the gluconate form), in a perfect 15:1 ratio. This mineral combination supports immune health and it is essential for superoxide dismutase synthetization, an essential enzyme that plays a major role in the network of body antioxidants.
Coming in 100 capsules packaging, it will ensure your body’s daily needs of Zinc and Copper. 1 capsule (consisting of gelatin) per day should be enough, although since one tablet contains only 15 mg Zinc, you can have 2 (but not more) because you will reach the daily Upper Limit which was established at 40 mg. Always consult your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or lactating or have the specific medical condition, before using this product.
Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance

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