What are the Best Probiotics for Men? – 2020 Reviews & Product Guide

best probiotics for men

Best Probiotics for Men

Today I will be telling you about the best probiotics for men. Our body is a complex system. There is always a continuous research going about on how the human body functions and how to keep it healthy. Amongst many organisms, unicellular mainly, that exist in nature today, there are many that exist in our body as well. These bacteria are commonly termed as ‘Germs’, which is a direct result of the incomplete information to the common people.

But that can be changed. Many of the bacteria in nature are harmful to the human body, an equal number of bacteria have absolutely no effect on the human system either, but there are bacteria that also aid the human body in its proper functioning. The study of these bacteria was revolutionized in the late 20th century by Elie Metchnikoff, who is also known as the father of probiotics’.

He proposed the idea that consuming bacteria which exist in our body, externally, may aid in the functioning of the human body and may also lead to improvement in health conditions of people. He coined the term probiotics’ where pro stands for life and biotics is, well, bacteria. It is a fact that bacteria live in our body. It may sound gross, but it is the bacteria in our intestines that help digest the food that we eat.

They act as catalysts and aid the functions that the human body performs. In fact, bacteria present in our body clearly outnumber the human cells present by tenfold. Probiotics are these bacteria which are abundant in the human body.


Probiotics are not to be confused with prebiotics and synbiotics. Where prebiotics is the bacteria themselves that flourish in our body, prebiotics is essentially drugs. They are drugs that promote the growth of the favorable bacteria inside our body over the harmful ones. One of the very common examples of prebiotics is Inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Synbiotics mainly combines the two terms, both in meaning and function.

They are a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. Each of these is taken under different circumstances and are ingested differently. Studies have shown that probiotics are the third most used dietary supplements in the world, and as there is more knowledge about probiotics, the consumption of these good bacteria’ is increasing too. There is substantial research done on probiotics, but they’re still a lot that needs to be learned from these microorganisms.

Scientists and researchers were interested in knowing the type of bacteria that aided the human body in becoming healthy again. The most common bacteria that helps aid health recovery is found commonly in dairy products. Lactobacillus is a bacterium that helps in the fermentation of milk, thereby forming some of our most favorite dairy products in the market.

This is the bacteria that is found in yogurt, curd, cheese, and milk. Another one that is found in dairy products is called Bifidobacterium. This bacterium is also found in dairy products and aids the human body. These bacteria can be individually present in the probiotic concoction or may be present in a fixed mixture.


Now, what do these bacteria present in our gut do? A basic understanding is required to comprehend the functionality of probiotics. Surprisingly, the good bacteria in our intestines do a lot in keeping the overall health of the human body intact.

They help in keeping the immune system on its toes by keeping its finger on the trigger. These bacteria help keep away the undesirable bacteria that affect the human body in a negative way. They are also responsible for the generation of vitamin B and vitamin K in our bodies. Vitamin B is one of the most important vitamins present in the human body. These are the most complex vitamins in their structure and are responsible for maintaining emotional health.

Deficiency of Vitamin B can lead to brain and nervous system damage. Vitamin K is one of the most important vitamins in the body and is easily ignored. Vitamin K is responsible for maintaining bone density as well as aids in clotting of blood. It also aids in keeping up skin health. The gut bacteria also help in the absorption of nutrients and breakdown of complex ones so that they can be easily absorbed by the walls of the intestines.

They also produce SCFA, which is short chain fatty acids and secrete polyamines which are essential for food breakdown in the large intestine. Along with this, they also regulate mucus secretion and help in regulating the blood flow to the various parts of the digestive system.

This only goes to show how important some bacteria can be for the well- being of the human body, on contrary to popular belief that all bacteria are meant to harm healthy people and have only negative effects on the body.

Probiotics affect differently in different scenarios.

Probiotics affect differently in different scenarios. Upon ingestion, they target different areas when faced with different health problems and different probiotics act independently of each other.

They help in maintaining the number of healthy bacteria in the body. Since most of the bacteria are in the digestive tract region, they help in assisting in the digestive process. In addition to that, they also maintain the natural barriers created by the human body to keep away the undesired breed of bacteria from the body. Since there is an amalgam of good and bad bacteria in the body, there is always a sense of competition between them.

These microorganisms compete with each other to make their impact on their host. Best probiotics for men tip the scales in favor of the good bacteria by giving them a boost so that they can thwart the bad bacteria in stopping their harmful effects on the body. Probiotics are also used to stimulate the immune system in the body.

Sometimes, the body is being attacked by harmful organisms and the immune system lays dormant due to a natural confusion. Probiotics help in activating that immune system so that the body acts against its attackers and keeps itself healthy and free of diseases.


So, if probiotics are so important for human health, why weren’t they discovered before. To tell the truth, probiotics have been discovered since quite the early years, but scientists and researchers were skeptical about ingesting foreign bacteria into the human body. Even though they are of the same family, they might have adverse effects when introduced.

A lot of time was taken to declare probiotics safe for consumption by people and they were released as a natural remedy for many diseases. Probiotics are active in preventing and curing digestive disorders. Diseases like diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome are easily cured by probiotics. Ingestion of antibiotics is rather harmful to our little friends because after all, they’re bacteria too.

These antibiotics can kill bad bacteria, but good bacteria get killed in the crossfire as well. Probiotics help replenish these good bacteria inside the digestive tract so that the human body keeps functionally normally, even after the attack of antibiotics that kill our beneficial helpers.

How are probiotics made?

Just as all other human-friendly bacteria are made in nature, through fermentation. The process of fermentation collects these bacteria and provides a nutritious and healthy environment to thrive in. Fermentation also generates lactic acid, alcohol and acetic acid while breaking down dairy. All these chemicals act as preservatives which prevent the bacteria from any harm and prevent their spoilage.

They also retain the nutritious value of the product in which the bacteria are thriving. Fermentation has many benefits of its own. It promotes the growth of friendly bacteria and kills the anti-bacterial. Along with this, it makes the food more nutritious and easy to digest.

Obviously, yogurt is easier to digest than milk. Milk is heavy. Fermentation can create Vitamin B12 because B12 is a product of the process of fermentation of bacteria. With fermented products containing probiotics, since probiotics are bacteria and they are living organisms (Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a non-vegetarian), they need to be stored at cool temperatures. If exposed to heated environments, they can die in their sleep and then ingest them would render no benefits.

Children and adults alike

Children and adults alike, everyone needs a probiotic organism boost in their body due to the use of synthetic drugs and medication. Loss of probiotics in the body can lead to a series of problems for them. In today’s world, where chemicals are used proactively to preserve the quality of the raw food materials, they generally kill off the probiotics residing in them and rather introduce harmful bacteria.

As sweet as it may be, sugar is killing the probiotics in your body, so are carbohydrates. To state the obvious, chemicals do destroy the probiotics in your body, but the state of the body can also be a big factor in destroying your immunity system and digestive efficiency. Emotional stress, physical stress, and exposure to external stressors can kill the flora in the gut. In some cases, extreme weather conditions can also affect the bacteria in the body.

There is large scale exposure to these kinds of inhibitors to the human body daily and the only way to tackle these harmful things is to start taking care of yourself and ingesting probiotic-rich foods. There are various methods of boosting probiotics in your body. You should start by watching what you eat. Consuming foods that are sour can sound silly, but they can really promote the growth of probiotics in your body.

Sour foods like apple cider vinegar, kimchi etcetera can help boosting probiotics because they themselves contain a lot of probiotics. The acidic properties of sour foods help maintain the acidic levels of your body in favor of probiotics and help them multiply rapidly. Incorporating more probiotic-rich foods into your daily meals can also help achieve a healthier digestive system. Probiotic yogurt, kefir are some foods that are rich in probiotics and can help you be on your way to living a healthier life.

Another way to do this is to spoil the probiotics existing in your body by feeding them. And what do they love the most? Fermentable fibers which reside in the large intestine. Sweet potatoes and flaxseeds are some of the highly fermentable fibrous foods that can benefit your probiotics inside your guts.


There is a very gentle sense of balance of probiotics in the body.

This intricate balance differentiates between natural defenses of the body and unwarranted defense system activation as well. Our immune system is a huge organ that is spread throughout the body, and working constantly to keep the body working perfectly. Due to its complexity, the immune system is a hard subject to understand. As soon as the body is subjected to any foreign material inside it, the immune system starts acting us in defense of its home.

These adaptive responses of the immune system cause the body to change its functionality and causes inflammation in the affected areas. When this inflammation is disrupted, there is an uncontrollable response of the immune system, desperately trying to maintain harmony inside the body or homeostasis.

The main entry points or the points where the body is exposed to external pathogens are where the mucous membranes are present. The eyes, nose, ears, lungs, mouth, throat and in the intestines, are all probable entry points for foreign pathogens in the body. The mucosal tracts of the body have its own immune system and this immune system plays a very significant role in maintaining homeostasis. This also involves the bacterial culture in the gut.

The reason why it’s a culture is that we are talking about around a 100trillion or so bacteria residing in our intestines alone. The manipulation of this culture can have a serious and extreme effect on our body. The imbalance can give an open invitation to various diseases which are not limited to gastrointestinal discomforts.

This is the reason why being careful about microbes in your body is of utmost importance. It can prevent a wide array of disease-causing bacteria to enter the body as well as preserve and protect the internal bodily functions, like maintaining hormonal balance.


The internal functions of the body are in direct relation to the external usage of the body. Consider the human body as a machine. The degree of usage of a machine co-relates to the degree of usage of the parts of the machine and their exhaustion.

Therefore, generally, men are in a worse situation than women when it comes to health concerns. The reasons behind this can be due to a lot of factors which are discussed above. High level of stress coming from work sources or other reasons can be one of the major reasons behind the poor health of men. Men are always daredevils; hence they subject themselves to more risky activities which also lead to diminished health concerns.

Having a poor diet also affects the probiotic health of men. Lessor exercise also contributes to men having a higher chance of getting heart diseases or cancer than women, studies show. This clearly establishes the fact that men are in severe need of best probiotics for men supplements and their body demands it.

So, how do you decide the best probiotics for men? For this, you need to look at their nutritional and scientific aspects, which to the public is gibberish but we are here to make sense out of it for you, so the next time you look at a probiotic supplement box, you will know what to look for first. There are some specific criteria which you can use to evaluate which probiotic supplement is best for you.

Best Probiotics men


Best Probiotics For Men Supplement

The bacterial strands the supplement includes. Usually, we measure a serving of a best probiotic for men supplement and determine its quality by checking the number of bacteria it has per serving. This is not very accurate as studies are unsure of the effect of more number of bacteria in the body. Instead, what we should be looking for is the number of different bacteria present in the supplement. Different bacterial strains work systematically and in unison to restore the colony health in your intestines. According to studies, three types of bacterial strands are absolutely necessary; namely, L. acidophilus, B. longum and B. bifidum.


The packaging of probiotic supplements is of utmost concern. As we have already established before, probiotics are living organisms which need specific environmental conditions to survive. It is always wise to check the form in which the probiotics are delivered to you because dead bacteria are useless in the body. Also, keep in mind to refrigerate your probiotic supplements.

Expiry Date

Supplements, in general, do not require an expiration date, but best probiotics for men are an exception. The expiry date on the box will give you information on how long the bacteria will remain active inside the supplement for you to consume. If you don’t see an expiration label, that should raise concerns. This not only proves the authenticity of the product but also acts as a sign of quality.

Top 5 Best Probiotics For Men

Here are the five best probiotics for men. There are a lot of companies developing probiotic supplements which claim to be the best in the market, and the market is flooded with products that may allure you and it becomes tedious to test which product suits you the best. To save you the hassle, we did the survey for you. Keeping the above criteria in mind, we have selected some of the best probiotic for men supplements that you can get your hands on in the market. These supplements contain a range of benefits and each has a side effect of its own too. Note that these studies are based on survey and may or may not suit any concerned individual.

  1. Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men

Garden of life has claimed that they provide the best value for money in their supplements and we agree. This supplement is the best in the market considering the number of strains of microorganisms it contains per serving. It is a rich vitamin and mineral supplement along with supporting prostate health. All these characteristics make it the ideal supplement for men. Side effects may include excessive gas.

Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men



 2. Culturelle Digestive Health Probiotic

Culturelle Digestive Health Probiotic is developed for those individuals who are looking to boost their digestive system only. This formula contains only one strand of bacteria and chicory root extract, which can cure upset stomach and constipation.

Culturelle Digestive Health Probiotic



 3. Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

Another entry in the list by Garden of Life with is Primal Defense Ultra formula. These capsules help in maintaining the pH balance of your digestive system and helps digest that heavy junk food that you love so much. As a bonus, this capsule also contains a dose of iron.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra



 4. Flora Udo’s Choice Advanced Adult’s Probiotic Capsules

Flora Udo’s Choice Advanced Adult’s capsules come with a higher level of potency with live cultures, having around 34 million bacteria per serving (at the time of manufacture). It affects the digestive system of the body as well as the immune system, boosting in multifold with a serving of one capsule per day.

Flora Udos Choice Advanced Adults Probiotic Capsules



 5. NOW Foods Probiotic 10

An antacid probiotic formula which protects the organisms from acid attacks in the body, thereby helping more organisms to reach the digestive system. These capsules are known to reduce allergic reactions in people taking it and fewer yeast infections were also noticed. These tablets must be refrigerated and may cause bloating in some hosts.

NOW Foods Probiotic 10



These are our top 5 best probiotics for men supplements. These tablets are bound to help you improve your health status and your digestive system so that you can lead a healthy and fuller life. Make sure you go to your health specialist and consult before taking any probiotic supplements as they may induce varied side effects in different people. It is usually safe to take natural products, but it largely depends on your lifestyle and your eating habits, hence a consultation is strongly advised. Look for a product that encompasses all your needs and fits your budget. Your life and your health are in your hands, take care of it and live longer.

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