16 Proven Ways To Lose your weight without dieting and exercise

weight loss

Surprising, isn’t it?

In general, weight loss is always pictured to be a demanding task that requires you to put in a lot of hard work and sweat. Looking at this challenging picture, many postpone their weight loss plans or simply withdraw from it. But weight loss is not rocket science. Several people have been there and have lost a substantial amount of weight. It is something which everyone can accomplish.

That being said, it is not an instant process that shows quick results. Weight loss process needs sheer dedication, perseverance and smart alterations. Diet control and exercising are no doubt good ways to lose weight. But these are not the only options. There are many other proven ways which will help you lose weight without much effort.

So, How To Lose Weight?

Below is a perfect blend that will give you insights and will urge you to start your weight loss process.

1. Be realistic:

Set realistic goals and don’t aim for a very high number in the very beginning. That creates unnecessary pressure and stress to you. The fat that is accumulated tightly around the body organs takes a lot of time to start getting diluted. So, in the beginning, losing weight is a slow process. But once it starts diluting, the process gets easier.

2. Say no to white:

Now, white includes all the food items that are white in color. For instance, white rice, white bread, white sugar, and dairy products (for those who are lactose intolerant). This is because most foods that are white in color are either heavily processed or have a high amount of sugar in some form. So, switch to whole foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, and barley.

3. Reduce your carbs and fats:

Simple carbohydrates and fats are a big no when you are on a weight loss mission. Carbohydrates and fats are often considered as bad guys for the harm they do to the body. But these are essential to the body. So, opt for complex carbs and unsaturated fats.  Complex carbs are more filling than simple carbs and comparatively, take more time to digest. They are a good option to curb unnecessary cravings.

4. Consume Protein-rich food:

Have you ever wondered why protein shakes and protein bars are being widely sold in the market and not carb shakes or fat bars? Protein is a macronutrient which is required by the body in large amounts. This helps in building up the muscles, skin, bones, and hair. There is no storage for protein in the body. It has to be supplied through the food we take in. So, eat protein-rich food and enjoy its numerous benefits.

5. Cut down the technology usage:

Technology for sure has made all of us lazy at some point. So, don’t overuse it. Cut it down when it is not needed. For instance, if you have a friend who stays two blocks away from your place, rather than talking to him on the phone, walk down to his place. Instead of ordering your vegetables online, you can visit a vegetable store in person. The key is to avoid sitting like a rock and moving more.

6. Indulge in a sports activity:

Games are a huge welcome in the weight loss process. When you are playing a game, you lose a lot of weight without your knowledge. Sports also refresh your mind. They make the weight loss process exciting and interesting.

So, indulge yourself in some sport such as badminton, volleyball, tennis, swimming, etc. Basically, choose a sport that demands you to make more physical movements.

7. Sleep well:

Sleep disorders and weight gain walk hand in hand. Lack of sleep impacts the regulation of your metabolism. When you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to crave sugar-rich foods.

Since an adequate amount of sleep and weight loss process are correlated, make sure you don’t miss out on this. Set up a bedtime regime and follow it religiously. It may be hard in the beginning, but a few days into this routine, your biological cycle will get used to it and you will not have trouble sleeping. Also, don’t carry your electronic gadgets into your bedroom. They unknowingly rob your sleep.

8. Enjoy your cheat days:

Religiously following your rules may make the weight loss process dull and monotonous. Over time, your body will lose the zeal and enthusiasm.  So, set up a cheat day once or twice a fortnight and satisfy your taste buds. These days will boost you up for another couple of weeks.

weight loss

9. Include more fiber in your diet:

Apart from its numerous benefits, fiber keeps your stomach full and satisfied for a longer time. Meaning, you don’t feel hungry often and can avoid taking untimely snacks. This nutrient also strengthens your metabolism. When the metabolism is strong, it will convert more calories from your food into energy. This is one of the successful strategies for losing weight.

If you don’t have sufficient time to cook fiber-rich food, you can buy weight loss supplements online. Buying them online will give you a chance to compare the reviews. There are many medically proven weight loss nutritional supplements which have more fiber in them. So, check the ingredients and invest in good supplements.

10. Portion control method:

Large plates and bowls will make you eat a large number of foods. Therefore, rather than serving large portions in large utensils, switch to smaller vessels and serve the food repeatedly. This will also trick your brain that you have already eaten a lot.

11. Eat more veg:

Do you know that when you eat cabbage, your body needs extra calories to digest it? Cabbage is known as a negative calorie food which takes calories from your body to get it digested. What’s better than burning the calories without any effort.

Whereas when you eat meat, you will have to work extra to burn those fats that come from the meat. So, make smart food choices and make your weight loss process easier.

12. Weight loss products:

Weight loss management products serve as an add-on to help you in your weight loss process. These products will help in regulating your metabolism (which is one of the key factors in losing weight), and in managing the hormonal imbalances (which can occur while losing weight). There are several websites that sell these products. You can compare the prices and buy weight management products online at affordable costs.

13. Stock your pantry with healthy snacks:

When we are super hungry, we tend to eat whichever snack that is readily available. Let these tiny meals not be stumbling blocks to achieve your goal. Replace your unhealthy snacks with something that is healthy. Or, simply grab a fruit to satisfy your hunger pangs.

14. Get back on track:

Backsliding is a part and parcel of human nature. We all have bad days and lazy days. On such days, don’t feel guilty. Getting back on the track really soon is more important. So, make sure you don’t procrastinate there.

15. Be alert on what you eat:

Anything that is unhealthy should be off your plate. Be it small chocolate or just a bowl of noodles or a simple sugary beverage. Say a big no to foods that are not healthy. It is simply because they are loaded either with sugars in any form or fats which are not good for the body. They do more harm to your body than any good. These can also slow you down in reaching your target.

16. Patience:

We all know that losing weight is not something that happens overnight. It needs a lot of commitment, consistency, and patience. Having said that, this is not an impossible task. They say that it takes 4 weeks to see the changes for yourself. 8 weeks for people around you to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice the change and applaud.  Hence, don’t expect instant results. Stick to your set of rules and you will be there for sure.

The bottom line:

To keep yourself sane throughout this process, draw inspiration from athletes you have made huge sacrifices to achieve their goals. Keep them as your role models. Put on your thinking cap, make necessary alterations in your lifestyle. Design your own diet plan for weight loss that is both healthy and satisfies your appetite. Do not look down on small changes. They can make big differences in helping you achieve your goal. Pat your back and push yourself a little more when you are halfway down there. And when you hit the target, voila, celebrate it!!