What is The Best CLA Supplement? – 2020 Reviews & Product Guide

best CLA supplement

What is CLA?

CLA stands for “Conjugated Linoleic Acid”, a family of naturally occurring fatty acids similar to the highly regarded Omega 6 fatty acids. It is primarily sourced from animal sources including meat and dairy from ruminants such as goats, cows, and sheep. Technically, CLA is a naturally occurring trans fat but has been shown to be healthier than industrial trans-fats found in processed foods.
Since humans are incapable of synthesizing CLA in order to take advantage of its health benefits, it has to be supplemented through diet. Because of an abundant supply of such supplements in the market, it is necessary that you choose the best CLA supplement for your money’s worth.

How Does CLA Work?

As already mentioned, CLA is a family of naturally occurring fatty acids. Fats in, in general, rethought to be harmful to the human body until a couple of decades back. Since then, especially in the last couple of years, it has been proven that fat is, in fact, a necessary part of a balanced diet and its deficiency can cause serious health concerns. It is true that industrial trans-fat sources such as hydrogenated vegetable oils used in fast food etc. is harmful since the body cannot regulate or process it. Natural trans-fats, however, have shown promising results in both animal studies and humans as well.

Though the exact mechanism behind CLA’s health benefits hasn’t been properly understood, it is thought to improve satiety which in turn makes people consume fewer calories. Basically, this means that its capable of suppressing appetite, thereby decreasing calorie intake, a key step in losing fat.

It increases fat metabolism by activating certain specific biochemical pathways. It has also been shown in multiple studies conducted in mice that the compound is capable of stimulating fat breakdown and decrease the formation of fatty tissue. This causes an overall drop in body fat levels and is purported to help with obesity and high cholesterol in humans.

Some of the best CLA supplements sold today are said to be capable of up-regulating cellular inflammation thereby activating key mechanisms at the cellular level to repair and synthesize muscle tissue. Numerous studies have indicated that CLA can help people lose fat and gain better muscle mass when supplemented with a proper training regime and diet. Cellular inflammation due to the fatty acid has shown to induce adipocyte apoptosis, basically killing off fatty cells and tissue. For someone who’s looking to lose a pound or two, this is highly beneficial.


What Are the Benefits?

Obesity is directly linked to far more deaths and health issues than all the other lifestyle disorders known combined. Obese or overweight people stand to lose a lot more than just body form and function. Among other things, obesity is known to cause an increase in the risks associated with conditions such as cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers.

CLA has been touted as a great cure-all supplement to solve these problems. In addition to better skin and hair health, it has been shown to decrease overall body fat. An optimal body fat percentage is widely considered to be a key to a long and healthy life. It can help you get in shape better, faster when properly supplemented. Exercise such as yoga and cardio has been shown to complement the effects of CLA well by increasing fat metabolism and energy & activity in general.

If you’re not obese, supplementing with conjugated linoleic-acid can help you develop a much leaner body profile and increased and healthy lean muscle mass. In this regard, supplementation from the right sources and choosing the best CLA supplement are very important even if you’re on a good diet.

CLA may also improve your cognitive function to some extent. Though this specific aspect is as of yet unproven, positive results have been reported worldwide. It can improve mood and reduce fatigue significantly when supplemented on a regular basis. This, in turn, can have a good impact on fat loss due to increased calorie spending. Lab studies conducted out of Holland have indicated that CLA and other similar naturally occurring fatty acid may reduce the risks of heart disease by preventing thickening of the arteries and promoting the healthy flow of blood.

It is worth noting that the biological activity of CLA was first observed by researchers as inhibiting certain cancers in rodents such as mice. Studies in this area have claimed that it even has certain anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.


Where To Find CLA?

Naturally occurring CLA is found mainly in meat and dairy from ruminants like the cow as well as sheep, buffaloes and such. Within the animal sources, grass-fed ruminants such as green grass fed beef and mutton have higher concentrations of CLA in the meat compared with their grain-fed counterparts which in contrary have higher levels of “bad” saturated fatty acids. Further CLA is also found in moderate quantities in chicken eggs.

Vegetarian sources of this particular fatty acid are rarely seen. Portobello mushrooms have been observed to have low to moderate quantities of this conjugated fatty acid. Full-fat versions of cheese, butter, and cream derived from grass-fed cows have also shown to have high concentrations of CLA among other essential as well as non-essential fatty acids.

However, obtaining CLA through diet alone will be a difficult practically since studies have estimated that a useful quantity of CLA will need a person to consume almost two pounds of meat or around three liters of full-fat milk a day. You can solve this problem by supplementing from the best CLA supplements out there as mentioned before to get maximum results.

CLA is among the most studied weight loss supplements around. With dozens of promising research studies being currently pursued, it is turning out to be a very popular choice as a weight loss & muscle building supplement. Though most reputed supplement companies have a CLA based product on the market, it is widely considered that the best CLA supplement has at least 80% of the active isomer in it for optimal results. Be sure to distinguish between the syrup and the capsule versions too. The syrup version has been shown to be more effective in reducing body fat. Also, be sure to check the prices since a lot of variation has been observed in his regard, but of course with almost no proportionate variation in results.

Lastly, as with all supplements, make sure you get your “stash” from a reputed dealer selling certified products from leading manufacturers to always get the best CLA supplement capsules or syrup.


Who Should Take CLA?

Ideally speaking, everyone is expected to lead an active life with a fair amount of exercise and a healthy balanced diet. Though not strictly required in a biological sense, as CLA is not an essential fatty acid, you need to have in your diet, it can certainly deliver some great results based on current evidence from scientific studies and probably many more.

A study conducted in the early 2000s in Norway showed that a certain group of people who were already on a diet and a work-out regime managed to overcome a plateau that the placebo group had succumbed to. It was concluded that CLA and omega-6 fatty acids might have actually been necessary in this case for additional fat loss beyond a point in obese people. If you’re struggling to lose weight and are already on a regime, supplementation with fat loss supplements such as CLA is in fact suggested. Studies have proven the effects of conjugated linoleic-acids on fat loss with its supplementation helping people with all body types to lose fat.

Since CLA has also shown to improve the body’s ability to repair damaged muscle tissue and promote muscle growth, it is fast becoming a sought-after bodybuilding supplement too with a lot of professional bodybuilders backing claims for its benefits. Supplementing with the optimal amount from the best CLA supplement sources is indispensable in this regard.

The majority of studies proving CLA’s capabilities were performed with a control group who were given a placebo along with the actual study group. The group who were fed actual CLA showed a marked increase in fat loss compared with the control group with both these groups being fed the same diet. This indicates that long-term supplementation will get you results with the significant fat loss even with no major alterations in diet and exercise regimes.


How To Choose the Best CLA Supplement?

Choosing the best CLA supplement is a confusing choice. Newly generated interest in the compound has resulted in most major supplement companies coming out with multiple versions of the fatty acid, with most stating theirs is the “best CLA supplement” out there.

The problem is further complicated by the fact the there is a wide variation in the prices of these bestselling CLA supplements too. However, multiple studies comparing different brands are yet to conclude any proportional improvement in the obtained results with respect to the price premium.

CLA is mainly offered in two forms – a syrup form and a capsule or pill form. Both of these differ slightly in their observed results. The syrup form of CLA has shown to be better at overall body fat reduction with study groups losing almost 2% more body fat compared to the group on the pill. However, the syrup has also been shown to decrease the HDL levels in the blood, the supposed “good” cholesterol. On the other hand, the pill form or the capsule manages to increase both the good and the bad cholesterol by minor amounts. The syrup is also not everyone’s cup of tea since the bitterness is a turn off for most people.

Hence most of the best CLA supplements on the market currently are offered in the capsule form with giants like Optimum-Nutrition and Muscletech offering their capsules in a soft gel form that’s easier to swallow and digest. Be sure to take no more than the recommended dosage though because as with most fats excessive consumption has actually been linked to increased risk of high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease.


Top 15 Best CLA Supplement

1. VitaDirect Premium CLA 800mg

Premium CLA 800 ranks high in the best CLA supplement. The product is derived from 1,000mg of Safflower Oil and comes in bottles with 180 servings. This, in turn, means you get a lot for your money! VitaDirect aims to aid healthy management by offering a quality product. The CLA 800 aids lean muscle development and are developed in the United States.

When included in a healthy, balanced diet, this supplement can have a truly noticeable effect on weight management. Reports show that for those interested in muscle training and weight lifting this product can help reduce fat while keeping your muscles intact and healthy.


VitaDirect Premium CLA



2. NatureWise High Potency CLA 1250

Nature wise in a leading brand name for weight loss which is what helps to make it the best in CLA supplement. The product is well designed with clinical trials that back up its science in helping to reduce your BMI. The CLA 1250 is a non-stimulating addition that works wonders when teamed with a healthy, active lifestyle. It is a certified source of 80% standardized CLA from 100% non-GMO safflower oil. The product is also Gluten free, which is a nice bonus! Nature Wise is manufactured in the USA but imported worldwide so you can reap the benefits wherever you are. Along with their fantastic product, they have a handy and responsible customer support team that can help aid you on your weight loss journey and your understanding of how to get the best from your CLA supplements.

NatureWise High Potency CLA


3. Pure Naturals CLA Softgels

Whenever you’re considering a new dietary supplement, natural is without a shadow of a doubt the best way to go! Whichever way you look at it, you’re putting something into your body and a chemical formula isn’t ever going to give you the same benefits as something natural. Luckily this is what Pure Naturals pride themselves on being natural. Which is why to think they should be on the list of the best CLA supplement. Their CLA product is packed with 1,000mg of CLA, derived completely safflower oil that provides you with the best all-natural fat burner on the market. Natural produce can often be more expensive but Pure Naturals are competitively priced which means there is no reason not to give them a try!

Pure Naturals CLA Softgels


4. Best Naturals Super Blend

Best Naturals take a slightly different method of creating their supplement but they remain a high competitor as one of the very best CLA supplement on the market. They blend an omega-3, 6 and 9 complex to get the best from natural fatty acids and combine these to form one fantastic supplement to aid weight loss. Now it’s important to mention that the CLA content in this product is lower than in the other mentions on our list. But the clever balance of omega fats makes sure you still get a good quality weight loss product on your side!

Best Naturals Super Blend


5. Optimum Nutrition CLA 750

Optimum Nutrition focuses on delivering CLA from all natural materials, this includes meat, in small and concentrated amounts. Now, this does mean the product isn’t vegetarian or vegan-friendly, but for meat eaters, it is still an all-natural and beneficial product, which is why we deem it one of the best CLA supplement on the market right now. When partnered with an active lifestyle this is a particularly attractive product for those wanting to build their muscle mass and tone their overall physique. This still targets weight loss but does offer the best advantages to those involved with muscle training.

Optimum Nutrition CLA


6. Max Potency CLA 1250

This is one of the best CLA supplement for many reasons but a nice edge with Sports Research product is that it is 100% plant-based. The product comes in 1,250mg servings which means you are getting a great deal for the price you pay. CLA is usually found in meat and dairy when naturally occurring, so for vegetarians, the choice of using CLA can be limited. Sports Research has resolved this problem by using a creative process that aims to be as natural as possible and only used plant-based formulas to offer you the best of health and weight loss.

Max Potency CLA


7. MET-Rx CLA-Tonalin 1000

The CLA Tonalin uses no extra stimulants or artificial ingredients in its production process. By using safflower oil and all natural other sources to create the product it stands a firm favorite amongst the best C.L.A supplement there is. Met Rx has taken strong advantage of the natural weight loss and muscle building properties that lie within naturally found CLA to create a formula that is geared to work well. For those wanting to be in the best physical condition, and keep that condition locked in, this is the ideal supplement to aid toning and weight loss!

MET-Rx CLA-Tonalin


8. CLA Forte by Natural-Bioscience

CLA Forte offers a whopping 1,500mg of CLA per serving! That’s the highest on the list and a quality that makes it one of the best CLA supplement, especially for those who partake in high-intensity workouts and strict diet plans. The product aims to reduce body fat, support immune health, promote a healthy metabolism, and increase lean muscle tissue. The product also supports cardiovascular health so is a firm favorite amongst fitness enthusiasts. Forte is manufacturing using premium safflower oil and contains 120 soft gels per bottle, a very reasonable amount for the price. Also, only two soft gels per day are needed for optimal benefits thanks to the hefty CLA in each one. The product is manufactured in the United States and is free from, soy, gluten, preservatives, sugars, lactose, milk, yeast, sweeteners, wheat, and sodium!

CLA Forte by Natural-Bioscience


9. Potent Organics-100% Natural CLA

Potent Organics makes the list for the best CLA supplement by offering a formula that lives up to its brand name. The CLA formula is incredibly potent and works best alongside a healthy diet for increased weight loss. CLA is provided in 1000mg servings and comes in bottles of 120 capsules-good value for money. They use safflower seed to source conjugated linoleic acid to keep your body in the best shape possible, and their products also contained oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid-meaning you get the very best of the best in healthcare!

Potent Organics-100% Natural CLA


10. NOW Foods CLA 800mg

NOW Foods have created a fantastic CLA supplement that is worth on our list of the best! The product is derived from non-GMO safflower oil and comes in two sizes offering 60 or 30 servings depending on the user’s preference and expenditure. These powerful supplements offer 2,400mg on conjugated Linoleic acid per serving! You might have heard of NOW foods as they are quite an esteemed name in the health and fitness sector due to the quality of their products and their ability to show results. Certainly one worth giving a try if you haven’t already.



11. Weight Loss Development CLA Pure Natural Quality

The title of this supplement offers all you need to know-pure natural quality! Which is what helps to make it one of the best CLA supplement to aid you on your fitness journey. This particular product offers extremely good value for money and is certainly one to consider if you’re unsure of where to start with CLA. It offers 1,000mg of CLA per serving and comes in bottles containing 90 servings, which is enough to keep you going for quite a while! Like all good CLA products, it is derived from safflower oil and offers optimum weight loss results.

Weight Loss Development CLA Pure Natural Quality


12. BulkSupplements CLA Softgels

This is a more suitable choice for the fitness enthusiast on a budget who still wants to reap the benefits of the best in CLA. BulkSupplements provide 1,589mg of CLA per serving and contain 4 IU of Vitamin E per serving. The product comes in larger numbers of 100 or 300 capsules. A simple formula, derived from safflower oil, is used to create these Soft gels, which are a great way to see the benefits of CLA in terms of weight loss if you don’t want to break the bank. Or if you simply want to add more conjugated Linoleic acid into your diet and routine.


13. MusclePharm CLA 1000 Mg Softgel Capsules

Musclepharm stands tall in our list of the best CLA supplement and has made quite a name for itself in recent years, proving to be a favorite amongst professional bodybuilders and athletes. Bottles are available in 180 servings and the product is created using conjugated linoleic acids as well as avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil, which is a unique, but beneficial, approach to CLA. Being one of the most popular supplement manufacturers in the world, you can’t go far wrong with MusclePharm, plus they are great value for money!

MusclePharm CLA 1000 Mg Softgel Capsules


14. MRM CLA 1250 High Potency

MRM is the ideal product for someone who doesn’t like taking a lot of capsules on a regular basis, as their high-potency formula allows you to take a single capsule per servings and still receive 1,000mg of CLA. Which is why it stands proudly on the list of the best CLA supplements you can get right now. Bottle sizes come in options of 180, 360 and 540 capsules so the choice is up to you and you’ll be able to find all the ingredients you would hope to find in a CLA supplement such as linoleic acid and safflower seed oil.

MRM CLA 1250 High Potency


15. Natures Design Pure CLA Supplement

Natures Design have created a product that offers a fairly high-potency conjugated linoleic acid supplements, which provides 1,000mg of CLA per serving. The product also contains 5 IU of Vitamin E per each serving which gives it its place on our list of the best CLA supplements for you. Available in bottles of 90 servings, this is a product you can keep handy for your workouts. We can’t fail to mention that Natures Design offer a very reasonable price for their CLA supplement, so for those on a tight budget, this is the ideal choice.

Natures Design Pure CLA Supplement



Evidently, CLA supplements have a significant function in our bodies. The fact that there are so many products to choose from ensures you always get what you want despite how particular your references are. Just be sure you know how to identify the real supplement and do not fall for the misleading marketing vibes out there.

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